Terry Crews Agrees To Take Mental Health Test In Midst Of Sexual Assault Case


Terry Crews’ sexual assault case is still very much underway and the latest news comes by way  TMZ who is reporting that Terry has agreed to take a mental health evaluation to prove his mental stability. 

The publication notes how lawyers from WME’s Adam Venit – who is the suspect in the case after Terry alleged he groped him at a party – have filed a stipulation in the civil lawsuit. The exam will take seven hours and a mutual doctor was agreed upon. The testing is said to include a “comprehensive psycho-social and medical history and the administration mental status testing and psychological testing.”

“This is the deal. What’s so strange and crazy is that I’m still paying WME]. I go to work, and I still have to send a check to my molester,” Terry previously told reporters at Esquire’s 2018 Mavericks Hollywood party. “This is Hollywood, it is insane. I look at my bank statement, and I’m like, ‘Damn, this is the most wrong thing all time.’ I’m calling it, I’m going to play this whole thing out. If I don’t get justice, nobody can,” he added.

“The level ridiculousness that this has gone to, and they’re looking at me as if I’m ridiculous for even saying anything,” he continued. “I’m like, ‘Nope, I’m not putting up with it. No one should. No woman, no child, no man, anywhere, in whatever business, should ever put up with being treated less than a human being, ever.”