Terrence Howard Defends Kevin Hart's Use Of Homophobia: "It's All Part Of The Job"


Terrence Howard collided with TMZ a couple of hours, and the conservation veered in the direction of Kevin Hart’s presumed homophobia proper from the get-go. This is par for course sort of conversational materials for the TMZ subject reps, as they typically forged their “paparazzi victims” as part-time consultants in disseminating trending materials. More typically than not, the tactic produces a reasonably juicy headline.

For his half, Terrence Howard sided with Kevin Hart, days after the comic had obtained a pardon from Ellen Degeneres, on behalf of the LGBTQ, of which she just isn’t an official spokesperson. Howard explains his protection of Hart in easier phrases. In his opinion, Kevin Hart was “employed (to host the Oscars) as a result of he’s the funniest individual within the World proper now.” He agrees with