"Terminator: Dark Fate" Reveal Arnold Schwarzenegger & Cie’s "New Looks"


This morning, fans of the Terminator saga were treated to a first look at what Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger will look like in latest installment in the series. That’s right, Arnie and Linda Hamilton, best known for her portrayal of “Sarah Connor,” are both intent on making up for lost time in Terminator: Dark Fate.

IGN landed the first image stills from the clandestine production run the film has undertaken. As you can see, ain’t sh-t changed but the make on her sunglasses. Mind you, Linda Hamilton’s ‘tude can’t be tamed, even in the event of a Reitman’s wardrobe malfunction. In the below picture, the only thing you don’t see is Connor’s Beretta M9, stored in nether regions of her pant leg.  

Schwarzenegger doesn’t look out of place himself. Notice the gruff facial lesions, the facial hair, and the double-breasted jacket the color green. Arnold’s 2019 look communicates elegance and tactical warfare, within the same fierce look.

Terminator: Dark Fate is being directed by Tim Miller, of Deadpool fame, and produced by the illustrious tandem of James Cameron and David Ellison. According to IGN, Tim Miller only signed on for the project upon learning that Linda Hamilton’s version of “Sarah Connor” had been written into the script.