Tennessee Man Jailed For Peeing On Kellogg’s Products & Filming It: Report


A Memphis, Tennesse man was recently sentenced to be locked up for 10 months for peeing on the Kellogg’s assembly line. The whole thing was filmed in a video which was uploaded to the internet back in 2016 based on U.S. Attorney D. Michael Dunavant’s recollections. The video was presented to the court and shows 46-year-old Gregory Stanton shamelessly partaking in the act in the visuals which he recorded in 2014. Stanton was apprehended on charges for tampering with the consumer products with the intent of causing serious injury. His official sentence took place on May 24th wherein a U.S. District Court judge ordered for Stanton to pay $10K in restitution.

The press release tied to the affair was released and cites the following: “American citizens and consumers rely upon food manufacturers engaged in interstate commerce to provide them with safe and consistent products. Unfortunately, this defendant betrayed that trust by tampering with and tainting food products. We commend the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for their investigation in this matter, and we are pleased that the defendant has been held accountable for his criminal conduct.” The direct words were shared by U.S. Attorney D. Micahel Dunavant with regards to the case.