Tenacious D Disrupts Jimmy Kimmel's Monologue to Promote YouTube Show 'Post-Apocalypto'


In signature Tenacious D model, Jack Black and Kyle Gass interrupted Jimmy Kimmel's monologue on Thursday's (Sept. 27) episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! with an epic-fail entrance to advertise their new album/YouTube present Post-Apocalypto.    

Attempting to experience a fossil-old black motorbike, the duo interfered on Kimmel's common programming with obnoxious noises as their bike did not work, consequentially ruining their "badass entrance." "I'm sorry, Jimmy, we wished to do that badass entrance the place we have been going to rip on this warfare machine and Kyle was going to blast a burrito canon...however this rattling factor!" a annoyed Black yelled.

The duo then claimed they have been acting on the present’s dwell stage later, however Kimmel disagreed. “I don't suppose you two are enjoying tonight…you guys aren't scheduled to play tonight and even in the event you have been, why would you interrupt the monologue like this?” the confused host requested.


"Because we experience or die, that's why!" Black howled as Gass shot a burrito gun, which additionally did not work.

"I've to complete the monologue, however I'll see you guys in like, six weeks." a laughing Kimmel stated, kicking the duo out.

Post-Apocalypto's first episode "Hope" presents an animated cartoon exploring the trademarked weird dynamics of Black and Gass -- this time making an attempt to pay lease by making a brand new Tenacious D album and performing some motorcycle-riding, shark-jumping stunts. When a bomb abruptly falls on Earth, the 2 disguise inside a fridge to later get out to a complete post-apocalyptic surroundings.

Watch Tenacious D on Kimmel and the primary episode of Post-Apocalypto under.