Temple University Undergrad Successfully Slides Into Michael B. Jordan's DMs


A Temple University undergraduate student took her shot in the dark with the poise and control a woman twice her age. Syl Wilson, aged 21, decided to shoot Black Panther star Michael B. Jordan a direct message while he was in town shooting Creed 2 on her Temple University campus. She decided against a more brusk approach at gaining his attention. Instead she fered to buy him a smoothie for his trouble. Her initial asking price a photograph was rightly passed over for an actual face to face meeting in his trailer.

What happens in trailer loads ten travels with it. After breaking the ice, Michael B. Jordan urged to invite her friends to come hang out. Before it even came to that, Syl Wilson kept wincing at her inbox in disbelief. “I almost passed out when I realized he messaged me back,” said Wilson in her briefing with the Huffington Post. “I kept rereading the message not believing it was really him.”

Wilson’s Snapchats the encounter have since gone viral. Wilson who hails from Atlanta, Georgia, is majoring in Public Relations with the hopes continuing her Masters education in the faculty Law. Maybe now’s the chance for this Michael B. Jordan super fan (see below) to replace her cutout with the real McCoy.