Tekashi 6ix9ine Teases Haters In Instagram Return: "Y'all Wish I Was In Jail"


If he hasn’t gotten under your skin yet, consider yourself one the lucky ones as Tekashi 6ix9ine has built a platform for himself based on elaborate promotion involving a stellar use trolling on social media. The boastful rapper was allegedly set to appear in court earlier this week, urging fans to pray for him as he was facing up to three years in prison for the use a minor in a sexual performance. Having previously failed his GED,  which a passing grade was required as part his guilty plea, the fear was legitimate that 6ix9ine may end up in jail. His management team played along, saying he wouldn’t be back on social media “until further notice.” Well, Tekashi is back and he’s still speaking directly to his haters.

Chilling in a swimming pool, 6ix9ine popped out, brushed the hair out his face and pointed to the camera laughing, “Y’all wish I was in jail, right? You big dummy.” Mocking his naysayers has been a technique used by 6ix9ine to build his status as likely the most polarizing figure the younger generation rap. With “GOTTI” out now on major streaming platforms, Tek has done it again, getting under people’s skin and only furthering the attention surrounding him.

Although he’s smiling now, all may not be well in Tekashi’s world as his trial has reportedly been moved to June. While it gives 6ix9ine time to scheme his next move, there has to be a worry among his team about the very real possibility the young star ending up in jail.