Tegan and Sara's Custom Hand Painted Guitars Were Stolen in Los Angeles


Even though they’re on a musical hiatus at the moment, Tegan and Sara are still hard at work. The duo has been working with their LGBTQ-centric organization The Tegan and Sara Foundation to make the world a better place; Tegan made an appearance at last weekend’s LoveLoud Festival, and Sara has been promoting an upcoming event called the Queer Health Hackathon.

But it appears someone took advantage the artists' busy schedule; the two posted a message to their joint Instagram page on Thursday (Aug. 2), saying that two their unique, hand-painted Martin LX guitars were stolen in Los Angeles. “We would love to get these instruments back,” the post reads. “If you see them for sale on online or in-store please send an email to [email protected]

The guitars were painted by Lisa Hanawalt, an illustrator and cartoonist who is known for her work on the Netflix series BoJack Horseman (which featured “Closer” by the duo in its first season). Hanawall also took to Instagram to chide whoever decided to steal the guitars. “Some butthole in LA just stole these guitars I painted for lovelies @teganandsara,” she wrote. “The only good thing about this is I get to brag about these cool-ass guitars again!”

Fans took to Twitter and Instagram not only to fer the stars their condolences, but also to fer up salient advice to the duo and their fans on how to track down the guitars. “Check flea markets in the area,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “These guitars are so identifiable that the person who took them will likely try to sell them quickly and at a place that doesn’t require identification and that deals in cash.”

Check out Tegan and Sara’s Instagram post below.