Tegan and Sara Tackle Everything From Cell Phones to Birthday Gifts and P!nk On ‘A Little Late’: Watch


As Tegan and Sara continue their tour across the country with their new album Hey, I'm Just Like You, they're also making their rounds on the late night circuit. On Tuesday night (Oct. 1), the duo appeared on NBC's newest late night talk show A Little Late with Lilly Singh to discuss everything from the dangers of cell phones to birthday mishaps.

Starting off, host Lilly Singh asked the two about their recent birthday and if, as twins, they often know what to get for one another. "This is a sore spot for us," Sara said, revealing that Tegan actually forgot to get her sister a present for their birthday. "I just didn't remember that we get gifts for each other," Tegan said. "She did force me to buy her a hat today, though!"

The two also discussed their current tour, where they have enacted a "no phones" policy for their audiences, using sealed pouches to keep fans from using their phones during the shows. Sara pointed out that, with the shows being intimate acoustic sets accompanied by reading from their new memoir High School, they wanted the audience to be participating in the moment. Plus, "I just am tired of standing on stage and looking at a sea of telephones," she says.

Tegan, however, revealed that the two are both guilty of having taken their phones out to record at a recent P!nk show. "She does fly through the entire arena," she said. "It was an incredible sight, she is so phenomenal and talented — I have never looked at the video again. I had my phone out when I could have been experiencing it!"

Finally, the two also spoke about their album, which Tegan said was at least partially borne out of her frustration toward the lack of recognition young, talented women receive. "I feel like women don't get called geniuses or talented when they're young, we get patronized and treated in a certain way," she says. "I felt like we had to do justice to those songs and we had to put them out into the world."

Watch clips from Tegan and Sara's appearance on A Little Late with Lilly Singh below: