Tegan and Sara Imagine What Their Collaboration With Rihanna Would Sound Like: Watch


Tegan and Sara recently stopped by the Billboard office to play “Fishing for Answers,” as they discussed their favorite celebrity haircuts, recalled the first time they saw their music video playing in public, and imagined what a Rihanna collaboration might sound like.  

Pulling questions from a fish bowl, the sibling duo are first asked which celebrity haircut they are currently enjoying, to which Tegan replies that she thinks Gillian Anderson has “incredible” hair in her show Sex Education.

Sara, meanwhile, notes with utter seriousness that she appreciates her across-the-street neighbor’s hair. “She's in her seventies and she gardens a lot and it's a very nice shade of white,” she adds.

Asked who they wanted to be like when they were younger, Tegan names Claire Danes, while Sara names Jared Leto. “In junior high, middle school age, I wanted to be Jared Leto,” she says. “I loved his hair. Talk about celebrity hair!”

In the interview, the Quin twins also remember being in an HMV store in a mall in Canada and seeing their music video playing in public for the very first time.

“We were on tour somewhere and all of a sudden, on the huge big screen our video for a song called ‘I Hear Noises’ came on,” says Tegan. “I was so embarrassed and I just started panicking and I just couldn't find Sara anywhere in the store…you just left the second we came on the screen. You just ran out and you abandoned me!”

Tegan and Sara are then prompted to reveal who they would like to collaborate with on their next album, with Sara replying that she used to say it was Rihanna and Tegan questioning what that would even sound like.

“I think it's just like on a track together,” says Sara. “Like she sings, I sing, so you probably don't sing.”

“We probably don't invite you,” she tells Tegan with a laugh.

You can watch the full video above to hear much more from Tegan and Sara.