Teens Murder Classmate Over Vaping Juice: Report


Unfortunate news to report on today. Reports from BuzzFeed indicate a teenager was killed during an attempted robbery. Four Colorado teens were routed as the culprit and consecutively apprehended on murder charges. Precisely, 18-year old Lloyd Chavez was shot near his home, resulting in the arrests of a group of four teenagers ranging between the ages of 16 to 17 years old. Each suspect was slapped with first-degree murder, conspiracy, and aggravated robbery. The Arapahoe County Sherrif’s deputy shared further details.

Juliana Serrano, one of the alleged perpetrators, befriended Chavez via Snapchat where the victim would regularly post photos of vaping products via his story. After making plans to purchase products, the classmate arrived with three boys. Accordingly, the group got together that night and Chavez was meant to sell them $150 dollars worth of vaping juice. 

Teens Murder Classmate Over Vaping Juice: Report

John Keeble/Getty Images

Within her interview, Serrano contradicted herself twice, claiming to have no plans of robbing Chavez at first and then retracting her statements. As such, the trio had planned to rob the victim from the jump, but Serrano maintains she was not the one who fired the .22-caliber handgun. Moreover, in the hospital the victim told a nurse that it was “Kenny” who shot him, thus referring to Kenneth Gallegos. To make matters worse, the victim was scheduled to graduate within the days following his death. RIP.