Teen Top Celebrates the 'Seoul Night' in Energetic New Music Watch


Korean boy band Teen Top returned earlier this week with the release their new single “Seoul Night” on May 8.

“Seoul Night” — which was produced by frequent collaborator Brave Brothers (Kang Dong-chul) — is a quintessential Teen Top dance track; it's overflowing with energy. Drawing on future bass, it serves up clapping, pounding beats and glitchy synths as the melody builds to emulate the energy the festive nightlife scene South Korea’s capital.

The song's music video predominantly focuses on the quintet's choreography, which plays up the dance elements “Seoul Night” by having the five performing sleek footwork. Other scenes show the members Teen Top playing around and enjoying the city as they sing, and is interspersed with multiple shots Seoul's skyline.

“Seoul Night” is the title track f the group's eighth EP the same name. Members Changjo and C.A.P had a role in several songs on the album, with the former co-writing “Go Away” and the latter providing lyrics to both the single and the song titled “Let's play!”

The EP is the group's first album since last year's High Five, which was their first album since former sixth member L.Joe left the act. After debuting in 2010, the boy band rose to prominence through dynamic hits like “Crazy” and “To You.” They peaked on the World Albums chart in 2013 with Teen Top Class hitting No. 7.

Watch the music video for “Seoul Night” below: