Teddy Geiger Lays Claim to Her Individuality on New Single 'I Was in a Cult:' Listen


Songwriter Teddy Geiger has made a name for herself as one the premiere pop writers this generation. Creating hit-making bops for artists like Shawn Mendes, Christina Aguilera, Maroon 5, One Direction, Madonna and more, the Los Angeles-based songwriter has cultivated a reputation that precedes her.

But now, Geiger is stepping out the writers’ room and into the studio with her new track “I Was in a Cult.” Under the pseudonym “teddy<3,” the former teen star wails her way through a grungy, rock-filled track about allowing yourself to be defined not by the circles you run in, but by your own sense individuality. “I wasn't someone I could remember/ When it was easy stuck in a corner,” she sings.

In a statement, Geiger said that the song is not about any specific “cult,” but rather about the idea allowing yourself to become a part something that attempts to define you. “Whether it’s family, friends, work place, partner, country, etc., these little systems thought/belief can sneak in and it’s easy to lose ourselves in the whole,” she said. “The song is about thinking for yourself and acting from a place freedom.”

“I Was in a Cult” is the first track to be released f Geiger’s hotly-anticipated third studio album, LillyAnna. The album is expected to come out later this summer — a pre-order on Geiger’s website for a signed vinyl copy the album claims orders will be shipped in September.

Geiger has personal experience with being unequivocally true to oneself — in October 2017, the songwriter came out as transgender and has since become an outspoken voice for trans acceptance. “There’s no longer this piece me back there saying, ‘Don’t go there,’” she said in a recent interview with The New York Times. “Because I’m willing to talk about everything now, people are then more open with me.”

Listen to Teddy Geiger’s new song “I Was in a Cult” below:

Teddy Geiger Lays Claim to Her Individuality on New Single &#039;I Was in a Cult:&#039; Listen