Teddy Geiger Joins DeJ Loaf & Leon Bridges for Upbeat 'Liberated' Music Video


Just in time for Pride Month, Detroit-born rapper and songstress DeJ Loaf is sending out a loving embrace to what makes us different with her new song “Liberated.” The upbeat hip-hop track sees the rapper celebrating her own freedom, with labelmate and Grammy-nominated singer Leon Bridges joining her for a catchy hook.

The accompanying video for the new track features a number different people, from all walks life, fering their own personal definitions what liberation means, while Loaf and Bridges dance around to a colorful backdrop. “Liberation starts within yourself,” says one man at the video’s start. “There is a lot power in liberation.”

One those voices is transgender songwriter Teddy Geiger, who co-wrote the song with Loaf. Geiger appears at the outset the video, stating that to her, being liberated is about freedom. The songwriter also appears in a separate behind-the-scenes video, where she said that coming out gave her a "huge feeling liberation."

“Liberated” is the title track DeJ’s upcoming sophomore album, which the artist describes as her “favorite record my career.” It will be her first record at Columbia Records since her signing with them back in 2014.

Along with the song, Loaf and Bridges also created an interactive website for fans to visit, PeopleGetLiberated.com. Along with fering downloads the song and a playlist curated by Loaf and Bridges, the site also features full-length videos people answering the question “What does the word ‘liberated’ mean to you?” Fans will be able to contribute their own testimonials, according to a press release.

Listen to DeJ Loaf’s new track “Liberated” featuring Leon Bridges below: