Ted Z & the Wranglers Are a Foot-Stomping Honky Tonk Revival On ‘Guests On Sunday Morning’: Exclusive


Ted Z and the Wranglers' new single, "Guests on Sunday Morning," premiering exclusively below, is a twist on a conventional Sunday morning standard.

"It's more or less about good intentions gone bad," Ted "Z" Zakka tells Billboard about the hand-clapping, stomping honky tonk anthem. “The idea is Sunday is supposed to be a day of worship and the Lord's day. The idea started there and then went to having a bunch of rowdy friends come over — with the intention to do good things until one thing leads to another and rather than going to church you end up throwing a good party at the house."

An idea based in some reality, perhaps? "This is fiction," Zakka contends, until pausing to add, with a laugh, "Maybe a little touch of non-fiction. But for the most part fiction."

"Guests on Sunday Morning" hails from the San Diego troupe's third full-length album, Southland, a 12-track set the band is releasing independently this fall. Produced by "sixth member" Scott Zscholmer and recorded in Costa Mesa, Calif., Southland finds the Nebraska-born Zakka and company expanding its sound a bit, though keeping things more lively than mellow.

"It's probably the least country-esque album we’ve put out," Zakka, whose maternal grandmother was a country singer as well, acknowledges.

"It's got more of an Americana type of vibe, incorporating a lot more rock 'n' roll, a little bit of blues. There's certainly some country aspects to it, but I think this is the most Americana album we've put out," he adds. "But it's a fun album, really good listening."

Listen to "Guests on Sunday Morning" below.