Tech N9ne's Strange Music Label Launches New Pop Division


While Tech N9ne is arguably one the most skilled emcees breathing, his business is also on point. He definitely stands out from his peers for his look but his way maneuvering through the industry as an independent artist stands out more. He’s made bank f touring and merchandise and in addition to all that, he’s helped bring other talented artists up in the game as well. His label Strange Music is marking its 18th anniversary this year and Tech has announced his latest venture into the world pop music.

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Tech N9ne has launched a pop division Strange Music called “Strange Main.” The rapper’s new division will be inaugurated by singer Mackenzie Nicole’s upcoming album The Edge. The new venture will be celebrated during Tech’s album release party for his 20th album Planet. Tech’s been known to experiment with different kinds music so the dive into pop doesn’t seem far fetched.

“We love all types music,” he explained to Billboard,”So it makes sense for us to expand into Strange Main.”

According to Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin, the idea for the pop subsidy has been in the works for seven years. Mackenzie Nicole signed to Strange Music in 2015 but prior to that, she was doing hooks for Tech N9ne on his albums. 

Strange Music fans shouldn’t worry. O’Guin further explained that hip hop will always be the focal point what they do.

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“Hip-hop will always be the cornerstone what Strange Music is about, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to limit ourselves to one genre music. We just want to kick butt all the way across. That’s been our motto the whole time.” He said.

Tech N9ne’s upcoming album drops on March 2nd.