Tech N9ne Says 6ix9ine Is The Boldest Mothaf*cka He's Seen In A While


Tech N9ne just dropped f his 20th studio album with Planet. It’s a massive accomplishment for someone like Tech, who’s been in the music industry for a few decades at this point and has helped build the template for independent artists. Even with so many years in the music industry, he still has a lot love for what’s going on in music these days. The rapper recently sat down to chime in on some the newcomers in the game and one those was Tekashi 6ix9ine.

Tech N9ne joined Pigeons and Planes on their “Trending Topics” segment. N9ne chimed in on BROCKHAMPTON, Kanye West and more but perhaps the most interesting part the interview was when he talked on 6ix9ine.

“The boldest mothafucka I’ve seen in a while, dude. To not give a fuck about what] nobody thinks for having rainbow hair because it takes balls to do something like that and present yourself like this in front the world and not give a damn.” The rap vet stated.

However, Tech didn’t seem to be feeling 6ix9ine and his crews marketing antics. As you’re probably aware, 6ix9ine does a lot shit to piss people f but ultimately, it results in cancelled shows and other issues.

“What I wish he and his boys didn’t do is provoke people to want to get at them so they can’t tour. Yes, we’re from the streets as well but, we could move in a room full snakes.” Tech explained, “‘Cause I’m from a blood neighborhood too but there’s a difference. There’s loud n*ggas and there’s incognito n*ggas.” 

Aside from his rating 6ix9ine, he also recently joined us for an indepth interview about his latest album where he speaks on XXXTENTACION, TDE and more. Peep that below.