Tech N9ne Brought Punk & Metal To Hip-Hop Before It Was "Cool"


For those who have been following Tech N9ne since day one, you’re well aware that his narrative is among the game’s more fascinating. The Strange Music mogul is no stranger to the darkness. From copious drug use, uninhibited hedonism, lust, death and depression, Tech has experienced the works. Yet fans have always connected to Tech’s forays into the darkness. Songs like “Suicide Letters” come forth with a respectable and relatable honesty; it might not be the easiest place for an artist to live, but for whatever reason, fans clamor to live vicariously through another man’s struggles. It just so happens Tech is adept at putting his emotions onto the page, no matter the toll. 

In our new interview, Tech opens up about his frequent visits to those dark places. While he’s clearly in a healthier head space, he openly reflects on the days writing his “darkest album”, the notorious K.O.D. “When I first went to go do King Of Darkness, I started out like I’ma freak people out with my imagination,” reflects Tech. “The majority was not imagination. It scared the hell out me that I had so many bad stories. Even the songs that were fiction motivated like “Pinocchio,” it was how I felt about myself.”

Now, Tech has ficially dropped f his new album Planet, which proves he’s still a force to be reckoned with in the game. “It’s been a wonderful ride,” says Tech. “I’m about to ride the motherfuckers to my own planet, cause this one is having trouble.” He goes on to explain that the project will continue his story, promising “a lot information to answer some questions fans. Things that have happened that might not be so positive to some fans…It gets real sentimental at the end.”

For more from Tech, be sure to peep the whole video. He also goes in depth about his metal influences, explaining how he’s been able to tow the line between worlds with respect integrity. Be sure to check out Planet now, and support one the game’s longstanding artists.