Tech 9’s Cause Of Death Determined As Suicide, Says Coroner: Report


The death of battle rapper Tech 9 came as a shock to the hip hop community as a whole.Kendrick Lamar, Joe Budden, Denzel Curry, and more sent their condolences shortly after. Although at the time, the cause of death wasn’t confirmed, it was believed that he committed suicide. Now, the Montgomery County Coroner’s Office released documents revealing the final determination of his passing.

According to Philly Mag, the coroner determined Tech 9’s cause of death was suicide. The specific cause of death was an overdose on diphenhydramine. That’s all of the information they did release pertaining the Tech’s cause of death.

The famed battle rapper was pronounced dead a little over two months ago on March 24th outside of Philadelphia at Holy Redeemer Hospital. Although the news hit the hip-hop community hard, it was later revealed that the 32-year-old rapper was going to be charged with sexual assault charges involving a minor on the day of his death. The rapper was scheduled for an arraignment in Philly on charges of child pornography, indecent assault, indecent exposure, and corruption of minors. Court documents revealed that he was arrested at the beginning of the year for allegedly sexually assaulting his girlfriend’s daughter. Many believed that the reason the rapper committed suicide was due to his upcoming arraignment on the sexual assault charges.