Teairra Mari Playfully Reignites 50 Cent Feud With Memes & Money


The footwork of Teairra Mari and 50 Cent‘s long-running dance, dubbed the “I Ain’t Got It” by some and “The Law Is The Law” by others, has been well-documented. The exchanges got so frequent that some even felt the pair were developing feelings for one another; at the very least, a strange sort of dependency. Surprisingly, it was Mari herself who waved the white flag, sending Fifty a final parting shot before pledging to pay him back

Teairra Mari Playfully Reignites 50 Cent Feud With Memes & Money

Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Today, however, it would appear that Mari has decided to call off the armistice. She recently took to Instagram to send her old rival a message, playfully goading him back into the fold, tactfully whispering his own language into his ear. Alongside a reimagining of 50 Cent as the Sleeping Beauty antagonist Maleficent, Mari once again doubles down on the narrative that yes, she will be paying him what’s due. 

“Better late than never,” she writes. “Somebody tell Fofty hit me up, I got it! Or do you want to wait until Monday??” The playful message stands as a testament that Mari fought well, holding her own against the ruthless cunning of Fofty; I daresay she may have been his strongest foe thus far, and the list has been extensive. Who knows where this strange and admittedly fascinating dynamic will lead once the money exchanges hands?