Teairra Mari Hits Back At 50 Cent With "I Ain’t Got It" Album Cover


Yesterday, 50 Centlaughed at the fact that Teairra Mari had another arrest warrant set out against her. The Love & Hip-Hop star has adamantly told 50 Cent that he will never see a dime of her money after he won a lawsuit against her. Although she may not want to pay up, the legalities of the situation have forced her to give up $30K of her own earnings to fund Fiddy’s attorney fees. The feud has gone back and forth for over a year and now, Teairra is starting to use it for her own financial gain, dropping an album titled I Ain’t Got It and showing fans the cover art recently.

With a warrant now out for her arrest, the reality star does not seem pressed to change her behaviour. In fact, she’s still taunting 50 whenever an opportunity presents itself. Yesterday, shortly after it was revealed that she failed to show up in court, Mari shared her album cover for the forthcoming I Ain’t Got It, which is likely going to be filled with diss tracks against 50 Cent. The art shows Curtis Jackson in his car, racing after the singer who is running “Forrest Gump” style. She made sure to let fans know that her album is “coming soon” in the caption.

At this point, it feels like this feud will never reach its endpoint. Unless Teairra actually gets sent to jail, in which case 50 Cent will probably tire himself out quickly with memes.