Taz Taylor & JRHitmaker on Producing 'Blue Tint' for Drake's 'Scorpion': 'It's One of the Best Records on the Album'


Internet Money is a fast-rising outfit producers looking to change the way we listen to hip-hop. The burgeoning crew, who is led by Jacksonville's Taz Taylor, have notched production credits on a wide range hits including Rich The Kid's “Plug Walk,” XXXTentacion's and Trippie Redd's “Fuck Love” and Juice WRLD's “Lucid Dreams” to name a few.

Taylor and Internet Money's JRHitmaker can now add Drake to their decorated resumes, after producing on the Future-assisted “Blue Tint” alongside !llmind and Supah Mario from the B-side to Drizzy's Scorpion album. It wasn't until listening to the project Thursday night during a studio session with Smokepurpp that Taz heard something familiar. He quickly realized a loop he and JR crafted over a year ago happened to be sampled from their drum website and ended up being the melody behind “Blue Tint.”

Supah Mario, who seemed to spearhead the production on the track, recently told Complex that the beat was initially intended for Big K.R.I.T. until he passed on turning it into a track. 

Billboard caught up with Taz Taylor and JRHitmaker on Scorpion's release day to get their reaction to ending up on a Drake album, plans for the future, and much more.

Billboard: How did your contributions to “Blue Tint” alongside JRHitmaker, Supah Mario, and !llmind end up on Drake's Scorpion?

Taz Taylor: I make a bunch loops for producers and Supah Mario ended up using a loop from JRHitmaker and I and he got it placed on the Drake album. We didn't find out literally until Scorpion] dropped. 

How did you find out it was your loop on the track?

It was me and JRHitmaker in a studio session with Smokepurpp. Smokepurpp was recording to one our songs and I literally busted into the studio and listened to “Blue Tint”] and it was ours on there. !llmind did the guitars on that record. Mario did the drums and the melody is JR and I. We created it about two years ago. 

I've never talked to Mario before yesterday. I sell samples online through my drum website Wavsupply.net and it's really big in the industry. “Plug Walk” happened that same way. It's just crazy. I found out at midnight Thursday night] and I called !llmind at 12:02 a.m. and got it cleared by 12:05 a.m. with me, Supah Mario, !llmind and JRHitmaker. 

What do you think about how “Blue Tint” came out?

I think it's one the best records on the album. I'm not just saying that because I'm apart it either. It's really one the best. I just wish Future had an actual verse on there, that would've been crazy. We were just listening to the melody and Future came on and we were like, “Who the fuck is that?” I check the credits and it didn't say anyone and I was like, “Bro, that's Future!” It was a moment for sure. I just got a big-ass mansion in the hills L.A. and JR is living with us and the rest Internet Money and we're all going crazy. 

How does it feel to have a Drake placement this early in your producing career?

There's going to be no other artist like Drake ever. The fact JR and I can sit here and say we did one the songs from one his most anticipated albums is crazy. It's going to be the biggest album the year. It's crazy just to add that to our resume. We're having a big year and this kind solidifies that. 

We didn't anticipate any this to happen. I did write in our Internet Money group chat that I had a feeling we were going to have a melody on Drake's] album and I spoke it into existence. Everything has happened so quickly and I'm just glad to be apart it. This is another step in us changing the game and taking over. 

JRHitmaker: It's just crazy to be apart that so early in our careers. I'm definitely happy to be apart it. We were just playing ping-pong when we figured out it was our placement. We canceled the whole session with Smokepurpp] and went back to the house and started celebrating and going crazy. 

What artist would you label the “Blue Tint” beat under if it was a “type beat” from you?

It really sounds like a Future, Young Thug, or Drake type-beat. I'm not even going to lie to you. Can't you hear a remix with Young Thug getting on there? 

So, Supah Mario never reached out after sampling the loop from your site's marketplace?

We never got hit up or nothing by Supah Mario because they just assumed my website is royalty-free, but it's not. People just don't read the website. A lot things come together like that, or we're in the studio for it. It's no different than what CuBeatz is doing. They send loops to Metro Boomin' and everybody. Frank Dukes is a legend for it. He sends loops to everyone. It's no different than that. We had no idea about it coming together until we were listening to the album while playing ping-pong during a Smokepurpp session. 

What else do you have going on right now?

I was in the studio with Post Malone this week. I'm really cool with Post's team, so the focus is to get in the studio with him. Wifisfuneral is coming out to the Internet Money mansion to work for a week in July. We're going to do a whole Ethernet Money album. We got Juice WRLD's shit coming and a bunch surprises. We got an YoungBoy Never Broke Again] placement today and Rich The Kid's album just went gold. A bunch shit is going on. This is what I've seen from the get-go. Speak it into existence and watch it all happen. We're on fire right now.