Taylor Swift’s ‘Me!’ Behind the Scenes Video Reveals New Cat Benjamin Button’s Origin Story: Watch


Yes, Taylor Swift really made a whole video about her new cat Benjamin Button, and you’ll hear no complaints from the peanut gallery.

In a video titled "ME! Behind The Scenes: The Story of Benjamin Button," uploaded Tuesday (April 30), Swift takes fans inside the elaborate "Me!" visual, which also stars Panic At The Disco’s Brendon Urie. Or at least, she takes fans inside the process of her meeting and subsequently adopting the newest addition to her furry family.

"Is the kitten around?" Swift asks in the video. "I hear a kitten." Indeed, a kitten soon appears, and Swift is instantly smitten. "Hi honey, you're beautiful," she coos. An exchange is then had with the kitty’s handler, and Swift asks if she can have him. The answer is basically “duh.”

“Whenever I watch the video, I’ll be like, ‘That’s the first time I saw him,’” Swift later says to Urie, who replies that the moment will be "recorded in history forever.”

Check out the video below.