Taylor Swift’s Latest Countdown Clock Tease Are Paintings of Chickens Wearing Sunglasses: See the Photo


Taylor Swift is throwing fans for a loop with her latest social media post, part of a series of cryptic images leading up to an unknown project reveal on April 26.

Since posting a countdown clock on April 12, Swift has shared visual clues every day on social media, each captioned “4.26.” So far, the snaps include things like a close-up of a heart-shaped brooch and a pair of hands adorned with sparkly rings and pastel-hued nail polish.

But on Saturday (April 19), Swift turned up the level of quirkiness by sharing a photo of several gold-framed framed paintings of chickens wearing black sunglasses. See the comical image below.

Each new image remains a mystery: could they be part of the TS7 album art? Clues to the track list of that new album? A look from the music video for her next single? Time will tell, as the reveal is coming when the clock strikes midnight ET on April 26.



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