Taylor Swift Sprouts Giant Butterfly Wings for ‘ME!’ Performance on ‘The Voice’ Finale: Watch


“Finales are fun!”

As usual, Taylor Swift knew exactly how to make a big entrance. The singer took to the stage of The Voice during Tuesday night's (May 21) season 16 finale in style, emerging from the dark in front of a gigantic pair of sparkling, mutli-colored butterfly wings. Wearing a flapper-like shimmering silver dress, Swift kicked off a performance of her latest hit, "ME!," surrounded by a cadre of male and female dancers in 1960s-style mini-dresses and bright suits.

With the stage glowing in digital squiggles and the light reflecting off the looming wings, she made her way downstage to meet up with the song's co-star, Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie, who strutted out in pink pants and a matching ruffled shirt topped by a burgundy jacket to execute some of his patented loose-hipped dancing and enthusiastic vocals. 

"Finales are fun!" Swift ad-libbed during the spoken word section of the fizzy pop tune as pyro shot out from behind the wings and the dynamic duo worked the studio audience. The pair's high-energy performance capped a night when coach John Legend’s lone finalist Maelyn Jarmon, raised her hands in victory at the end of the episode.

Watch Swift's performance below.