Taylor Swift Slays Her Director Duties in New ‘You Need To Calm Down’ Behind-the-Scenes Video


‘Anything you need — snacks? — I’m here.’

Didn't get enough of the drag queen action in Taylor Swift's new "You Need To Calm Down" video? No problem, because she just unveiled an adorable new behind-the-scenes video for anyone who's been needing that little bit more.

The clip, uploaded on Thursday (June 20), shows the very-involved Swift on the video shoot. It focuses on her hanging out with the queens — Trinity The Tuck, Delta Work, Jade Jolie, Trinity K. Bonet, Riley Knoxx, Adore Delano, Tatianna, A'keria and C. Davenport — as they drink champagne and get into their celeb-inspired costumes. "I'll be on set. Anything you need — snacks? — I'm here," she says to Tatianna as she swoons over her Ariana Grande get-up.

"They look so good. We've spent all day hanging out, having cocktails. It's been good," Swift shares, while we see her take on various co-director duties.

At one point, Swift surprises Todrick Hall with a promotion. "So my friend Todrick is one of those people who is very generous with his effort and time and he would never ask for credit when he deserves it," she explains while on her way to his trailer. "He has put so much into this video, whether it was casting or ideas or fashion — logistics, he's basically booked half this video — so I'm going to ask him to be co-executive producer of the video in this card."

Swift finds Hall and presents him with the proposal and of course, he's touched. 

"I never got to go to prom but if there was anything that was close to a prom-posal, it was what I just experienced," Hall says. "Thank you, Taylor. This is the sweetest thing anyone has ever done. You always out-do yourself as a friend and I'm team Taylor for life. #Taydrick."

Watch the sweet clip below.