Taylor Swift Says the Title Of Her Next Album Is Hidden in the ‘Me!’ Video


In case you had any doubt that Taylor Swift puts a ton of thought into everything she does, the singer called in to the Zach Sang Show on Monday (April 29) to talk about her upcoming album and reveal that the top-secret title is indeed buried somehwere in the video for her new single "Me!" 

“As soon as I wrote the chorus, I pretty much knew that this was really special,” the 29 year-old singer said of the sparkly pop anthem, which is about believing in the power of your self-worth. “It’s always really difficult to pick a first single for my albums, because I try to make an album that’s so vast in it’s a scope that it’s hard to pick which is going to be representative. There isn’t ever one song that could just sum up what the album is.”

Swift said she felt like the song, a duet with Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie, felt like "a celebration…it felt like something that could make you feel good. And, I just want that right now for people. I want that for me when I perform it. I want to feel good and feel positive and feel hopeful and I feel like a song is like a mantra. If you get a song stuck in your head, that’s the message you’re telling yourself whether it’s intentional or not, or conscious or not.”

Swift showered praise on the song's producer, New Zealand native Joel Little, and described the process of bringing Urie in after she and Little finished the first half and realized that it should maybe be a duet. "We want this to be a love interest type thing where you’ve got two sides of a relationship," she said. "In that messaging I wanted to bring someone in who was going to help us write the end of the song.” She chose Urie because she knew he was "so enthusiastic about music that he would bring the level of energy up.”

Swift also revealed that the title of as-yet-unannounced upcoming album is indeed hidden in the Dave Meyers-directed "Me!" video and tipped her hat to the Swifties who have already figured it out. And while she's feeling super-energized about the next phase of her musical career, Swift admitted that sometimes she's felt the need to take several years off because she was feeling exhausted, or "really low or really bad…right now, thankfully, I feel really energized which I’m feeling really grateful for. It’s not something that I take for granted, that I feel this energized and this excited about this new music because now I know that’s not always how you feel. Sometimes you can just feel really scared of everything, and so I’m very, very conscious of how I do feel about this new music and how there’s such excitement surrounding it.”

While her life may seem like it's all rainbows and butterflies, Swift said she's well aware that there's not necessarily a "happily ever after" in life, where everything is just perfect forever. "Happiness is always going to be a struggle and a challenge we have to try and meet,” she said. “Self-worth is always going to be something, it’s a process of trying to get there.” Luckily, now she's got the self-affirming "Me!" to lift herself, and her fans, up, which she can't wait to do.

"I think it will be helpful when I get to go on stage and play this song and see other people singing it back to me, so it’s not just a song that’s for, ‘Oh, put this song when you feel good about yourself,'" she said. "Put this song when you don’t feel good about yourself, and maybe that will help you get back to a point [where you do]. I definitely don’t feel good all the time, and I don’t think anybody does.”

There is, as you might expect, a "pretty big story" on the album because, as Swift teased, "there's a lot to say, there's a lot that is said." While she didn't reveal any specific details, the singer confessed that "Me!" is a good first taste of what's to come. "It goes pretty in-depth in lyrics that I’m really proud of," she said of the album. "A lot of the time, I’ll pick a first single because I like the feeling that it conveys knowing that there’s a lot more on the album that’s very different from that first single which is something I think the fans have picked up on at this point.”

Listen to Taylor's interview below.