Taylor Swift Says Blooper Reel of Tour Rehearsals Will Play After Reputation Shows


With only four days left until the launch her long-awaited Reputation Tour, Taylor Swift has revealed that a blooper reel tour rehearsals will play at the end each show.

“Hey guys, it's four days away from the tour starting, and today's fact is that I wanted to tell you after the show ends and people are filing out going to there cars, there's going to be a bloopers reel that plays,” Swift said on Instagram. “I'm going to show you a sampling just a few clips what I'm talking about — times in rehearsals where things did not go according to plan.”

Swift then teased some footage from the blooper reel, which included candid clips the superstar acting silly with her dancers and choreographers during rehearsals. She didn't elaborate further, but the bloopers will likely be displayed on videos screens in or around the venues.

In the days leading up to her Reputation Tour, which begins May 8 in Arizona, Swift has taken to social media to give fans a taste what to expect from each concert, ranging from glamorous photos rehearsals to short videos what outfits she'll be wearing.