Taylor Swift Personally Sent Amber Rose & Wiz Khalifa's Son Tickets To Her Show


Although Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are no longer romantically linked, they have been co-parenting their son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, providing a good example for separated parents to care for their children. Bash recently turned 5 years old, celebrating his birthday in Super-Hero fashion, donning Suicide Squad gear. While his birthday was approximately one month ago, the five-year-old is still being spoiled with gifts from unexpected sources. A special package came in the mail, addressed by Taylor Swift, leading the kid to excitedly open the parcel.

As we all did as children, Bash couldn’t wait to find out what was inside the box as he struggled to get the top f. Amber ended up helping him out to reveal that Taylor had sent tickets to her concert, as well as a care package themed around her most recent album Reputation. Both Amber and Taylor have shown support for each other in the past, perhaps bonding over their mutual distaste  Kanye West. You’ll recall, Kanye dated the model during the 808s & Heartbreak era and Taylor Swift has never forgiven him for the MTV Video Awards incident.

Sebastian proceeds to thank Taylor for sending over such a thoughtful present in the two-part video, before presumably jamming out to some the pop star’s music.  Watch the videos below to see Bash celebrate pure joy as he opens his gifts.