Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced Drake Will Feature On Her Next Album


Just as I’m beginning to understand Taylor’s appeal TO A CERTAIN DEMOGRAPHIC, we get wind of this: a potential T-Swift/Drake collaboration might be in the work, so help us, God. Those who read through Entertainment Weekly’s latest cover story were given inside access at her forthcoming album, although it would seem: the real brunt of the conversation lies in the accessories Taylor wore for the cover shoot.

Thanks to a determined Taylor Swift fan page, the experts on “the topic” were able to make out some kind of parallel design in the cover itself. The theory making the rounds right now, as supported by the following evidence, connects the collectible pins on her denim jacket to prospective “features” on her album. 

As you can readily see with your own eyes, the pin marked as “Track 5” sits next to an image of Drake doing the “Hotline Bling” dance he co-opted from Sauce Walka. While that might be enough evidence to convince a grand jury of murder in the United States, there’s no way of proving that “Track 5” belongs to Drake – not unless Sansa Stark and Arya Stark are prepared to break through the 4th wall and assume their rightful passage on the T. Swift project as well.