Tamera Mowry Says Beyonce’s A "Huge Fan" After Beyhive Backlash Over Jay-Z


Tamera Mowry’s been at the center of some backlash from the dedicated Beyhive. Last month, she recounted the first time she crossed paths with Jay-Z, revealing she was charmed by the rapper’s charisma. As we’ve seen with  #WhoBitBeyonce, the Beyhive don’t play and they came for Mowry on social media, flooding her Instagram comments with bee emojis. “I think in the beginning, I was aloof,” explained Mowry following the Beyhive’s attack. “All I did was ask for gum and thought he was pretty cool. That’s it.”

Beyonce hasn’t publicly commented about the debacle, nor has Jay-Z but they probably don’t see any issue with what Mowry said on The Real where she serves as a co-host. Mowry spoke to Entertainment Tonight at the 2019 NAACP Image Awards this past weekend where she said that she has nothing but love for Hov and Bey and the love is reciprocated.

“I’m a huge fan of Beyonce! Beyonce is a huge fan of The Real, and yeah, that’s all it was. I never meant any harm!” she explained. 

Mowry’s co-host on The Real, Loni Love, got off a few jokes afterward, joking that she’ll approach Hov for a piece of gum, as well.

“Look, JAY-Z is here tonight to get the President’s Award. If I see him on the red carpet, I’m going to ask him for some gum!” she said.