Tamar Braxton Seeks Legal Single Status Before Divorce Is Finalized


Tamar Braxton wants to be known as a single woman, and she wants a court to declare it sooner than later. The singer has been separated from her estranged husband Vince Herbert for quite some time and is even enjoying her new relationship, but it seems that her divorce is dragging on. Tamar filed for divorce from Vince back in 2017, but as the famous couple is still dividing their assets and attempting to make sure that their split is as fair as possible, it’s taking longer than expected.

However, Tamar doesn’t want a little thing like being legally still married to stand in her way. According to TMZ, Tamar is asking the courts to grant her a “status only” divorce, meaning that she will legally be single, but would have pending divorce litigation including finances, custody, or other arrangements at a later date. In documents obtained by The Blast, Tamar states, “Petitioner seeks a dissolution of her marriage with Respondent based on irreconcilable differences. Petitioner believes there is nothing the Court can do to salvage or repair the marriage.”

Meanwhile, Tamar has been having a grand ol’ time flaunting her new boyfriend. For a while, she kept his identity a secret, but recently she showed his face to the world on social media. The Braxton Family Values star did admit that although she shared a bit about her man, she’s not “really ready to divulge everything” so she’s keeping him to herself. Apparently, Vince has moved on, too. On a recent episode of her reality show, she claimed that her son Logan told her Vince “got a wife.”