Talib Kweli Still Loves Kanye West, But Would Find It Difficult To Work With Him


Kanye West and Talib Kweli have made some beautiful music together. From College Dropout’s “Get Em High” to Talib’s massive “Get By,” the duo have forged a trusted bond as collaborators. However, if you’re familiar with Kweli, you’ll know that he’s become extremely politically active late, ten battling with bigots and white supremacists on his Twitter page. Therefore, when Kanye West began endorsing Donald Trump and conservative pundits like Candace Owens, it wasn’t surprising that Talib wasn’t feeling the development.

As it happens, the Black Star rapper opened up to Esquire in an extensive interview. Naturally, the conversation turned to Kanye West, who has been alienating fans through his controversial comments on politics and slavery. Given that Talib was recently seen working on music with Kanye, one has to wonder whether the difference in ideologies has left a strain in their dynamic.

“I would find it difficult working with Kanye on music right now with his position on Trump and Candace Owens and his repeating white supremacist lines on black-on-black crime and ‘slavery is a choice’,” says Talib. “I love him as a man, and I love him as an artist, but I would find it difficult co-signing him right now until he walks some that stuff back.”

When asked whether he can ever imagine Kanye can ever come back from this debacle, Talib remains cautiously optimistic. “He’s a guy who is constantly evolving. That’s why I can’t give up on him,” he explains. “I know he’s smart enough to know better, but he just doesn’t know better right now. Over time, there’s a great chance to realize how hurtful he’s being right now, and he’ll reverse some it.”

For more from Talib, be sure to peep the whole interview over at Esquire.