Talib Kweli Sends Love To DMX After Rehab Check-In


When DMX checked into rehab, and missed the Def Jam’s 35th Anniversary party in the process, it was reported that Jadakiss and Fabolous performed in his stead. 

Following the news going viral, many celebrities sent the New York rapper their prayers and regards. Talib Kweli, a hip-hop legend who performed alongside other critically successful artists such as Mos Def, also shared his loving thoughts. He stated in an Instagram post that he’s ”sending some love + light to one of our legends.” 

New York rap veteran Talib Kweli, whose name means ”seeker or student” in Arabic, reminds us that legends stick together. Rehab, a common enough trope for celebrities, is not always a cure-all, but is necessary for anyone struggling with addiction. It’s also very respectable of Dark Man X to share his struggles with the world, reminding users that they are not alone. He also reminds us that no matter how important a show is, if it’s going to affect his mental health, he’s not going to play around and gamble with it. He checked himself into rehab, and hopefully will come back even stronger and better. 

A few weeks ago, the 48-year old rapper released a new music video ”Just in case” Rick Ross and Swizz Beatz for the hit series Godfather of Harlem— therefore not leaving us without a banger. 

Talib Kweli Sends Love To DMX After Rehab Check-In

After a year-long prison sentence for tax evasion, the legendary DMX said that he seeks to drop an album. The comeback efforts began as early as January when Swizz Beatz declared on Instagram that DMX was working on music “for the people that need his truth and pain.” This past March, he also led a prayer at Kanye West’s Sunday Service concert — we should now return the favor and send him some of our own.