Talib Kweli Blames Kanye West For Rise In Alex Jonesian' Disciples


In his Twitter response, Talib Kweli did not fall again right into a fetal place, and he definitely did not come to Kanye West’s protection over Jones’ inference of “counter-racism.” Instead, he blamed the G.O.O.D. Music CEO for the emergence of Jonesian disciples on the Cyber frontier: “He’s placing targets on our backs,” Talib Kweli mentioned with regard to Kanye’s sphere of affect, and the way it attracts bigotry.

As of now, Talib Kweli seems to be standing tall as Alex Jones peons descent upon his Twitter place. Pictured above is a “Free Alex Jones” getting suspended as a consequence of Talib Kweli’s resilient defensive place on the platform. Kweli and Kanye West have all the time thought-about themselves to be mates, relationship again to the group they cast with Mos Def,