Takeover Tuesday Playlist: K.Flay Picks Her Favorite Lyrics From Lorde, Cage the Elephant & More


Welcome back to Takeover Tuesday, where each week, Billboard taps chart-topping artists and tastemakers to compile their very own playlist exclusive to Billboard's Spotify account. We give the artists free rein to base the list on whatever subject they choose. The only rule? Make it as creative and unique to them as possible.

Impactful lyrics have always been important to K.Flay, and that's something that she made very clear on her third album, Solutions, which she released July 12. K.Flay confronts the woes of life — whether it's letting go of a negative influence in lead single "Bad Vibes" or assessing today's tough political climate in "Not in California" — across the LP's 10 tracks, with the hopes of offering positivity and solutions to both herself and her fans.

As listeners take in K.Flay's latest set, the singer-songwriter has been finding inspiration in fellow lyric masters, including Grammy winner Lorde and rising star Alec Benjamin. So for her Takeover Tuesday playlist, K.Flay is sharing some of the lyrics she's been most digging lately.

Naturally, K.Flay highlights several badass female artists in her 10-song playlist, like indie-pop rockers Julia Jacklin and Caroline Rose. The "Blood in the Cut" singer gives an extra shout-out to Courtney Barnett, whom K. Flay dubs "one of my favorite modern lyricists."

The playlist also features a couple of artists who are particularly meaningful to K.Flay: Houses, who will be touring with K.Flay this fall; and Miya Folick, K.Flay's girlfriend of one year, which the pair revealed on social media in celebration of Pride last month.

Take a look at K.Flay's current favorite lyrics and listen to the full playlist below.

Julia Jacklin, "Body"
Fav line: "I’m not a good woman when you’re around"

"I love how this song transitions from very specific storytelling — 'right there on the Sydney tarmac / I threw my luggage down / I said, "I'm gonna leave you,"' — into a plaintive, repeated refrain: 'I guess it’s just my life / and it’s just my body.'"

Slaves, "One More Day Won’t Hurt"
Fav line: "Sitting on the same old barstool, sipping on the same old beer / Talking to the new bartender, pondering the same idea"

"I’ve been a big fan of Slaves since I saw them at Reading & Leeds a few years back. They have this crazy energy about them, and amazing lyricism to boot. which is so rare. This is a new song — it’s about someone (or a version of someone) I think most of us know."

Caroline Rose, "Jeannie Becomes a Mom"
Fav line: "Oh, you’re gonna paint that apple blue"

Lorde, "Liability"
Fav line: "All that a stranger would see / Is one girl swaying alone / Stroking her cheek"

"I fucking LOVE THIS SONG. That’s all i have to say about that. I actually think it’s a perfect song. No improvements necessary or even possible."

Miya Folick, "Thingamajig"
Fav line: "If you wanna be angry, I don’t mind / I’ll leave you alone"

"I’m a little biased here, because Miya is my girlfriend, but I’ve loved this lyric since the day I heard it. There’s something so devastating and unelaborated — if that’s a word? — about it. In the best way."

Alec Benjamin, "Death of a Hero"
Fav line: "I was in Pittsburgh when I saw Superman in the backroom / He was doing lines or something in the bathroom"

Girlpool, "Cut Your Bangs"
Fav line: "You say you’ll cut your bangs, i’m calling your bluff / When you lie to me, it’s in the small stuff"

"I love lyrics like this that are so strange and specific but illuminate something really big."

Courtney Barnett, "Pedestrian at Best"
Fav line: "Under-worked and over-sexed, I must express my disinterest / The rats are back inside my head, what would freud have said?"

"Courtney Barnett is one of my favorite modern lyricists. She’s able to move from absurd to tragic to utterly pedestrian in the span of a single line. This song is a pretty perfect encapsulation of that."

Houses, "Fast Talk"
Fav line: "Maybe god is just a cop that we can fast talk"

"This is such a great hook. Wow. And I’m super excited, because Houses will be opening up my fall headline tour, so I get to hear it every night!"

Big Thief, "Paul"
Fav line: "So I swallowed all of it / As I realized there was no one who could kiss away my shit"

Cage the Elephant, "Goodbye"
Fav line: "My heart's an ashtray and I lost my mind / You bring the smokes, i’ve got the time"

"This song makes my heart break. It’s the closer on their new album, so I thought it would be fitting to close this playlist too."