Petition To Rename Trump Tower Street After Barack Obama Makes Way

Elizabeth Rowin jokingly started a petition to rename a section of Fifth Avenue between 56th and 57th Street to “President Barack H. Obama” since the location is the same block as the Trump Tower’s which means the landmark’s address could

Joe Rogan Fans Start Petition For Him To Moderate 2020 Presidential Debate

Joe Rogan’s podcast has become one of the most streamed in America, garnering him a very dedicated following. The comedian and UFC commentator has hosted many notable figures on his show, including several politicians. One of his

Snickers Will Give Away 1M Chocolate Bars If The Date Of Halloween Is Changed

Halloween arrives on the 31st of every October every single year. It’s pretty inconvenient for kids and parents whenever the holiday lands on a weekday. Kids get off school, rush to go trick-or-treating, and parents are putting

Eric Garner’s Daughter Petitions To Have Father’s Killer Fired From The NYPD

Just a few days after the disappointing news that the police officer responsible for the death of Eric Garner will not be charged, the victim’s youngest daughter has taken a stand to fight back. Officer Daniel Pantaleo put

A$AP Rocky’s Tour Manager Raided With Search Warrant By "Vengeful" Swedish Cops

According to Fox News, A$AP Rocky’s tour manager John Ehmann was awakened then frisked by Swedish authorities while he lay dormant in a hotel room. Ehmann was holding tight, awaiting news on the status of A$AP Rocky’s looming molestation

A$AP Rocky Petition Launched By A$AP Mob To Free The Rapper

This whole A$AP Rocky situation is starting to feel like a big joke. First, he explained that he was trying to keep peace between both sides before things got physical. Then, he was arrested by Swedish police, who

A Sean Price street naming petition is in the works…

This year, we’ve witnessed the former U.S. President Barack Obama, Wu Tang Clan, and Nipsey Hussle get street names named after them. For Sean Price it will be no different. Yesterday, Buckshot shared a petition on his

Final Season Of "GoT" Had The Least Amount Of Dialogue Than Any Other Season

As we know, there’s already a petition to have the final season of Game of Thrones remade since fans weren’t for the final ending. Without us sharing any spoilers (just in case someone hasn’t seen the ending) a petition

Kit Harrington Politely Tells Haters Of "GoT" Ending To "Go F*ck Themselves"

HBO’s Game of Thrones is officially over after a strong eight-season run. We’ve already rounded-up some reactions from the show’s final episode after Emilia Clarke defended the ending. Now another star, Kit Harington, has echoed the same sentiments as Emilia,

Tyler, The Creator Says "Cops Canceled" UK Concert, Hours After Travel Ban Expires

It appears as though efforts to remediate Tyler, the Creator’s travel ban in the UK have been successful. It was reported late last month that one of Tyler’s ardent supporters launched a petition to have him reinstated.