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TM88 Claims He Hasn’t Been Paid for “XO TOUR Llif3,” Calls Out Atlantic as “the Worst Label”

Another day, another producer publicly calling out a record label.  On Friday, in a series blunt and direct tweets, veteran producer TM88 laid waste to the brass at Atlantic Records (who else?) for being the “the worst label,”

Jake Paul Drops N-Word In Freestyle Video

It’s only been a few days, but 2018 has already been a rough year for the Paul brothers. First, Youtube sensation Logan Paul found himself under fire for posting an insensitive video, in which he stumbled upon

13 Best/Underrated Producer-Rapper Collabs From 2017

Last week, we highlighted the most underrated collaborations between two rappers from this past year. However, with a year as overwhelming as this one, it would be a shame not to go a step further and touch

Future Clears His Entire Instagram Page, Fueling Speculation

Future has ficially taken the concept new year, new start to another level. For reasons unknown, the rapper has once again cleared his Instagram page, sparing no image. If you recall, Future did the same thing at

Logan Paul Receives Backlash Over Graphic Video Of Dead Body

The blonde-haired, blue eyed YouTube star Logan Paul may be able to win over the hearts tweens worldwide, but he’s certainly lacking in other departments – chiefly, foresight. The controversial vlogger  has kicked f his 2018 on

Waka Flocka Praises His Wife Tammy Rivera With A Shower Pic

Waka Flocka Flame's relationship with Gucci Mane may have gone to crap, but his relationship with his wife Tammy Rivera is still going strong. It's the little things that can keep a marriage going, and one the

Waka Flocka Details Why He And Gucci Mane Fell Off

The friendship and falling out between Waka Flocka Flame and Gucci Mane has been well-documented, but today Waka gave a few more details.  He also claimed it would be the last time he'd be addressing the beef.