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DJ Shadow Scratches and Mixes With De La Soul on ‘Kimmel’: Watch

DJ Shadow, the veteran Californian producer and DJ, isn’t in any doubt what time it is. It’s Our Pathetic Age. And he slapped that phrase on his latest album, an ambitious double set which features assists from Run

Wu-Tang Clan Show Love & Celebrate Ol Dirty Bastard’s Birthday

People really do need to understand that Wu-Tang Forever is more than a slogan. Since venturing onto the scene in the early nineties, the New York collective have cemented themselves as cultural staples well beyond the world of music. And

Wu-Tang Clan Member’s Kids Form Hip Hop Group "2nd Generation Wu"

The next generation of the Wu-Tang Clan is upon us. The iconic State Island group was formed in 1992 and has gone down in music history as one of the greatest hip hop acts of all time.

DMX, Nas & Method Man’s Classic Flick "Belly" Turns Twenty-One

Today, the classic hip-hop film Belly, starring DMX, Nas, Method Man, and more, officially turns twenty-one. The Hype Williams-directed film would go on to rake in a box office take of $9,639,390, before emerging as a cult classic in its

‘Reignwolf 4’ Shows Band’s Epic Road Run with The Who and Wu-Tang Clan: Exclusive Video Premiere

Band heading to Europe for 10-city tour before returning stateside to headline Billboard Live Music Summit Reignwolf's appetite cannot be satiated on a single continent. The Los Angeles rock band that seemed to play every North American city in 2019

#ThrowbackThursday: New York Comic Con 2019 (Recap)

The intersection of Hip Hop and comic books is undeniable. Rappers have been reference comic book storylines and characters since the early years of Hip Hop. A few years ago, even XXL Magazine created a “20 Hip

Ice-T Talks Moving On From Rap: "I Had My Day" & "I Wasn’t Truly Motivated"

As discussions of top rapper lists permeate social media, many opinions vary based on what generation of hip hop you were raised in. Young people tend to name artists who have existed in the industry for five

Album Number Seven: Examining The "Lucky Number"

The debut album is a rite of passage. An introduction to the world, it’s not uncommon to see fans deify the debut, setting the standard to which subsequent projects are held. The sophomore album holds equal import.

Innanet James – Hunnids

Innanet James is a 22 year old Hip Hop upstart out of Silver Spring MD. The young artist has been in tune with what is happening online ever since he was a kid discovering artists like Raekwon, Ghostface

Ghostface Killah – Ghostface Killahs (LP)

Ghostface Killah is back with his 13th studio LP, “Ghostface Killahs.” The 13-track opus features classic, grimy NYC sounds laced with Ghostface’s timeless flow. Never short of lyricism, the Hip Hop OG demolishes old school inspired instrumentals