Arby’s Affirms It Will Never Sell Plant-Based Products

As of late, a set of restaurants have announced they would be taking a jab at releasing vegan-friendly and plant-based products. Of the latter, we include major fast-food chains such as Burger King, McDonalds and more. The

Gringo Star Celebrates 10 Years With ‘Make You Mine’ From Live Album: Premiere

Gringo Star frontman Nick Furgiuele has long wanted to make a live album with the band. And the Atlanta garage rockers' 10th anniversary has become the right time to release Controlled Burn (Live in Atlanta), whose rendition

Dionne Warwick Says Beyoncé Hasn’t Reached ‘Iconic Status’ Yet

Dionne Warwick has the BeyHive buzzing with her latest comments. During an on-camera interview with Essence, the five-time Grammy-winning singer was asked about today’s artists and whether they are creating timeless music. “I don’t know if 10

Eminem’s "The Marshall Mathers LP" Climbs Defiantly Into Adulthood

Upon revisiting Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP, there’s one facet in particular that never ceases to amaze. The development of Em’s signature sound, forged through the combined efforts of Dr. Dre and the Bass Brothers, two uniquely different stylistic

Ayesha Curry Claps Back At Hater Who Body-Shamed Her 30-Pound Baby

Steph Curry always manages to find his name in the news. Whether he played an amazing game the night prior, won another championship, sank a ridiculous trick shot, or anything else, he’s always in the headlines. His

How Jakob Dylan and Former Capitol CEO Andrew Slater Are Bringing Laurel Canyon Back to Life

Former Capitol Records CEO Andrew Slater was in the midst of figuring out what to do next with his life when he and Wallflowers frontman Jakob Dylan watched Jacques Demy’s 1969 film Model Shop. Slater’s tenure with

Ed Sheeran Announces "No.6 Collaborations" With Chance The Rapper & More

Despite primarily operating in the realms of both pop and folk music, Ed Sheeran has earned the respect of many in the hip-hop community. From collaborating with Eminem, to remixing Tory Lanez singles, to earning himself a

Danny Boyle Talks Securing the Beatles’ Expensive Tunes for ‘Yesterday’

Imagine there’s no Beatles: It’s very hard to do. And yet Yesterday, director Danny Boyle’s 14th feature film (out June 28), charmingly conjures a world in which The Fab Four never existed. The film’s conceit, as devised by

Snoop Dogg Left Utterly Shook By "Game Of Thrones" Finale

Snoop Dogg has been riding with Game Of Thrones for a minute, so naturally, the Doggfather took a moment to catch up on the divisive finale. Given that everyone and their most tenuously-related cousin has an opinion on the

Pelicans Are Confident Anthony Davis Will Want To Stay In New Orleans

It was no secret this season that Anthony Davis wanted to get as far away from the New Orleans Pelicans as possible. After a successful postseason last year, the Pelicans were abysmal this season which led to