‘American Idol’ Recap: Here’s Your Top 10

American Idol really loves to put the screws to its contestants. Monday (April 15) night’s episode is when the Top 14 become the Top 10, but not before host Ryan Seacrest reads each of the trilling moppets

Hozier Composes a Love Letter to Jazz With ‘Almost (Sweet Music)’ Watch

Hozier is a dedicated student of blues, rock and jazz, and his latest music video is a bright and cheery homage to the "sweet music" that shaped his growth as a songwriter. In "Almost (Sweet Music)," the

Azealia Banks Shaves Her Eyebrows Off & Fans Aren’t Feeling It

Whenever you see Azealia Banks‘ name in the headlines, you should be wary of what you’re about to read. Last week, the controversial rapper shared a series of half-naked images of herself to hype up a new song

Kim Kardashian Responds To "Stay In Your Lane" Shade Surrounding Lawyer Ambitions

Kim Kardashian‘s lobbying efforts surrounding prison reform sparked much chatter these past few years. Her sit-down with 45th US president Donald Trump was step one to granting freedom via clemency to former inmates Alice Marie Johnson, Matthew Charles and viral

Former Iranian President Pens Statement On Nipsey Hussle’s Passing

The passing of Nipsey Hussle is still a tragedy but the love and sense of community that’s happening everywhere, especially in Los Angeles, is something that the late rapper is surely smiling down on. Evidence of Nipsey’s

James Taylor Preps Las Vegas Residency

James Taylor is getting ready to kick-off his first Las Vegas residency on Wednesday (April 17). The 71-year-old folk rock icon will set up shop for 12 shows at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace, which has hosted everyone

"Game Of Thrones" Season 8 Premiere: The Craziest Reactions

With reportedly one billion people (!!!) tuning in for the premiere of Game Of Thrones‘ final season, there were a ton of folks spoiling all the major plot twists on social media for those that were busy last night.

Ben Dickey Goes on an Adventure in ‘Sing That One to Me’ Premiere

Ben Dickey wanted the video for "Sing That One to Me," premiering below from his new album A Glimmer on the Outskirts, to be a good representation of the song. But the singer, songwriter and star of

Janelle Monae Chats With Lizzo About Coming Out, Sexual Fluidity & More

It has been almost one year since Janelle Monáe came out to the world. In a cover story for Rolling Stone, Monáe revealed herself as a “queer black woman” just before the release of her groundbreaking, queer-infused

Janelle Monaé Discusses Her Sexual Fluidity & Gives Advice To Those Struggling With Sexuality

Janelle Monaé has never been an artist to confine herself to one look or one genre, expressing herself as she’s seen fit throughout the course of her career. It’s not surprising that she refuses to live by the standards