Married Man Kills Girlfriend & Pretends To Be Her Through Text Messages

There are truly some sick people in the world. According to BuzzFeed News, a Pennsylvania resident who allegedly kidnapped his girlfriend and impersonated her while conversing with her family and friends has been arrested. John Matthew Chapman was charged

Facebook Changes Name To FACEBOOK & Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Pokes Fun At Rebrand

Facebook is now in the past and FACEBOOK is now in. The major social media platform has announced that it’s rebranding by simply changing its name to be in all caps as opposed to lower case letters.

Facebook Apologizes After Being Called Out For Racist Company Culture

On Thursday (Nov. 7), an anonymous blog post appeared on Medium that detailed the racist company culture at Facebook. The post was apparently written by a group of past and present employees that claimed the racist culture particularly

Facebook & Instagram Ban The Eggplant & Peach Emoji When Used In A Sexual Manner

Everyone is all too familiar with the use of the eggplant and peach emoji and what it entails when you’re not talking about fruit. It’s for that reason why Facebook and Instagram have updated their guidelines when

Facebook Launches False Information App To Combat Fake News On Instagram

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook have been dealing with a lot of criticism for… well, a lot of things. In America, it’s not only over Facebook taking private information from users but also the fact that their platform

Mark Zuckerberg Gets Roasted By Congress & Twitter For His Haircut

The owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, appeared before Congress this week where he was grilled about the company’s crypto-currency, political advertising on the site and more. It was a rough day for Zuckerberg, but it got even

50 Cent’s Girlfriend Manifested Their Relationship Into Place Years Ago: See How

The power of the mind is truly incredible. When people say that you can do whatever you set your brain on, they’re usually speaking nothing but facts. If you work hard enough and believe in your own

Facebook To Test Removing Like Count From Posts

Facebook might be doing away with its current like system. Starting in Australia, the company will be testing a new system that hides the count of likes and other types of engagement for posts. Users will still

Facebook Employee Dead After "Apparent Suicide" At Company’s HQ

An employee of Facebook has reportedly died after an apparent suicide at the company’s headquarters, according to police. CNBC reports that a man jumped out of the fourth floor of the company’s headquarters. The man was pronounced

Hacking A Private Instagram Account Is Way Easier Than You Think

If you are one of many that opted for privacy when it comes to your Instagram, we’re here with some alarming news that you should probably be aware of. According to a new report posted by BuzzFeed,