Cardi B On Pregnancy Rumors: "People Just Gotta Tune In A Little Bit On My Album"

Pregnancy rumors have been swirling since Super Bowl weekend for Cardi B and Offset since a member Cardi’s team informed a staffer that she was not drinking alcohol as she was expecting a child. While the rumors

The Most Interesting Fan Theories About 'Atlanta's' Teddy Perkins

So, if you saw last night's "Teddy Perkins" episode  Atlanta, you know it was as acclaimed directer Steven  Soderbergh said, "completely bananas." It was horrifying in parts, hilarious in others, incredibly strange throughout, and featured some the best

Cardi B's Debut Album 'Invasion of Privacy' Is Here [STREAM]

Cardi B's long-awaited debut album, Invasion Privacy has arrived. After being pushed back a couple times following the massive success her breakout single, "Bodak Yellow," the album quickly became among the most anticipated debuts the year, particularly after the

Top 25 Best Jay-Z Songs Of All Time

Let’s get the most important point out the way—your favorite Jay-Z song says more about you than it does Jay. Curating and ranking a top song list for any artist proves vexing and guilt-inducing, but this is

Georgia Pastor Sentenced To 10 Years For Drug And Gun Trafficking

Minister Cedric Mainor  is in big trouble with his parishioners. It seems they will be in line for a new minister if reports about his role in a major drug and gun trafficking ring are true. What’s the

R. Kelly's Ex-Girlfriend Halle Calhoun Is Now Dating Rocko

R. Kelly’s love life has always been questionable and the term “love life” is also being used very loosely. He’s notorious for his relations with younger women over the years. Back in 2016, he was dating a

Safaree Samuels May Have Known One of the Armed Robbery Suspects

New developments have surfaced in the armed robbery case involving Safaree Samuels. According to TMZ, Samuels may have known one the suspects who committed the robbery against him. Apparently, Samuels took a photo with one the alleged

Russ Takes Aim At The Education System & Credit Cards In Twitter Rant

Russ is for the people. The Soundcloud king has been enjoying the spoils a successful come-up. For some context, his debut album There’s Really A Wolf has yielded him an abundance plaques, both platinum and gold. With a North

The Game Laments Fabolous' Assault Case: "Another Black Family Torn Apart"

Over the weekend, the generally respected rapper Fabolous found himself at the center a disturbing domestic abuse incident, in which he reportedly assaulted Emily B, the mother his children. Aside from the beating, he also uttered threats violence

Kanye West & Travis Scott's Careers Reportedly Being Guided By Kris Jenner

Opinions about the Kardashian family aside, Kris Jenner has been generally flawless in terms her brand building and management skills. Acting as “momager” to Kim, Kylie, Khloe, Kendall, and Kourtney, the matriarch the family has taken the