L.A. Gangs Came Together For "Unity Walk" To Honor Nipsey Hussle & Discuss Truces

Street gangs in Los Angeles who were usually at odds with one another were united earlier today to honor the legacy of Nipsey Hussle. According to reports, several gangs from various subsets of the city including Watts, Compton, and Inglewood

Kim Kardashian West Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For "Sunday Service" Headpiece

Another day, another Kardashian-Jenner social media uproar about cultural appropriation. Kim Kardashian West and her family are known to “borrow” styles from a variety of cultures, and over the years they’ve found themselves at the center of

Chance The Rapper’s Bodyguard Sued Over Hotel Lobby Beatdown: Watch

Chance the Rapper’s bodyguard is being sued for laying a beatdown on somebody just outside the W Hotel in Chicago back in 2017. Luckily the rapper isn’t being held responsible for any of the damages. The issue, while

George Harrison Sent Nixon an Angry Telegram After 1973 Immigration Troubles

John Lennon wasn't the only member of the Beatles to have problems with immigration, according to documents uncovered in a Freedom of Information Act search by a Beatles researcher and reviewed by Billboard. Chip Madinger — co-author with

Deadshot Has Been Removed From The "Suicide Squad" Sequel

The Deadshot dream is dead. At least, insofar as the upcoming Suicide Squad “sequel” is concerned. While reports that Idris Elba was stepping in to take over Will Smith’s position as the DC Assassin, it would appear that such rumors have

Scarlet Envy Talks Meeting Fans, Getting Meme’d & Her Shocking ‘Drag Race’ Elimination

On Thursday (April 4) night, RuPaul’s Drag Race forced the queens to get physical as the contestants competed in the first ever “Draglympics,” where they had to dance, vogue and death-drop their way to the gold on

Future Performs "Promise U That" & "Call The Coroner" For VEVO: Watch

Futuredropped his long-awaited project back in January called The WIZRD and since then, the rapper has been looking to promote the album and carry its momentum forward. The project is considered one Future’s best thanks to his increased motivation

Bill Cosby Reaches Defamation Settlement With 7 Alleged Sexual Assault Victims

In 2014, seven of Bill Cosby’s accusers were listed in a sexual assault lawsuit presented to the Massachusetts court system. The suit was met with some resistance by Cosby, but even he had little jurisdiction over U.S. District Court

Iggy Azalea Brings "Sally Walker" To Jimmy Kimmel Live

Last night, Iggy Azalea brought her latest single “Sally Walker” to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Donning a red ensemble, the Australian rapper led a spirited dance troupe, which included “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Miss Vanjie. Taking place at the Zappos

Netflix Welcomes "Lucifer" With New Season Teaser

The Devil himself has found a newfound home. After Fox pulled the plug on the cult series Lucifer, which stars Tom Ellis as Beelzebub himself, many fans were quick to lament the loss. Luckily, their satanic prayers were answered,