Disney+ Removes Michael Jackson’s Simpson Episode & Fans Aren’t Happy

This year, we’ve seen companies disassociate themselves from Michael Jackson. The Leaving Neverland documentary that was released at the top of 2019 once again made the music legend’s child abuse scandals at the forefront of conversations with new

Orlando Brown Expecting Another Child, Claims Girlfriend Has Disappeared

Actor Orlando Brown’s long battle with addiction has unraveled in the media in recent years, but he insists that now he’s clean and sober. Almost a year ago, Orlando sat down with Dr. Phil for an interview

Jennifer Lopez Hopes Super Bowl Performance Will Bring "Everybody Together"

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira previously announced that they will be headlining the 2020 half time show for the annual Super Bowl. The move was brought on with some mixed reactions since the NFL was (is) still dealing with

Kevin Hart Asks Dennis Rodman About Broken Penis In Hilarious "Cold As Balls" Trailer

It’s been a life-changing last couple of months for Kevin Hart, but the comedian is excited to get back into the swing of things. After surviving a harrowing car crash that resulted in back surgery and painful

Kehlani Addresses Fans Worried About Her Mental Health Following "You Know Wassup"

In a surprise move, Kehlani shared her new single “You Know Wassup” with fans on Tuesday evening. The Bay Area singer wrote on Twitter that she’d only completed the track just a few hours prior to its

Taylor Swift Reveals Release Date For New Song ‘Beautiful Ghosts’ From ‘Cats’: Hear a Snippet

Taylor Swift took to social media on Thursday (Nov. 14) to share a sneak peek at her new single "Beautiful Ghosts" for the upcoming big screen adaptation of Cats. The preview features her character Bombalurina in profile

Think You Can Rock Like Freddie Mercury? Prove it With This YouTube Challenge

Sure, anyone can rock the shower or the karaoke bar, but can you really hit the highest of high Freddie Mercury notes from "Bohemian Rhapsody"? YouTube would like to find out a new AI #FreddieChallenge that uses

Garth Brooks & Blake Shelton Kick It at The ‘Dive Bar’ at the 2019 CMA Awards

Garth Brooks and Blake Shelton are two titans of country music with countless fans around the world, but at the 2019 CMA Awards on Wednesday night (Nov. 13), they went back to simpler times, joining forces at

John Legend Talks Having Close Relationship With Mother Following Her Years Of Addiction

Singer John Legend and his model mogul wife Chrissy Teigen love putting their family of four on display. The couple often share photos and funny moments they have with their children, three-year-old Luna and 18-month-old Miles, and

CM Punk Returns To WWE As Part Of "WWE Backstage": Fans React

CM Punk made his return to WWE television on Tuesday nearly six years after his fallout with the company. The former champ appeared during the closing moments of WWE Backstage, FS1’s new weekly studio show, and he revealed that he’ll