Scott Storch Teases An Absolute Banger: "Who Should This Go To?"

Scott Storch has given the game many gifts throughout his tenure and should be respected accordingly. Though rap fans can occasionally suffer from short-term memory syndrome, Storch’s resume speaks for itself, lined with multi-platinum hits and countless

Giannis Antetokounmpo Sparks 662% Increase In Babies Named "Giannis"

Giannis Antetokounmpo has been one of the most exciting players in the NBA over the last couple of years thanks to his tantalizing play style and his ability to dominate offensively and defensively. The Greek Freak is one of

Amber Rose Is Selling Chocolate That Looks Just Like Weed

Ever since she dated Kanye West many years ago, Amber Rose has been one of the most popular women in the entertainment world. People follow her every move, wondering what she will tackle next. The former exotic dancer is

Owner Of Public Pool With "Racist" Rules Threatens To Sue His Critics

A North Carolina man was recently put on blast for enforcing what many called racist rules at a public pool. According to Complex, John Freeman was dragged all over Facebook after his wife Theresa shared the guidelines

Drake Announces OVO Fest’s Return, Teams Up With Royal Bank Of Canada For New OVO Summit

With the Raptors securing their first NBA title earlier in June, Drake is looking to make sure that the summer of 2019 in Toronto is an unforgettable one. After announcing the return of OVO Fest during Monday's

Adrian Wojnarowski To Announce NBA Draft Picks Early: Report

Adrian Wojnarowski is one of the most respected NBA insiders in the business and while working for ESPN, the reporter has been able to break multiple trades and signings. Perhaps the funniest thing Woj ever did was

Logic Announces BobbyBoy Records & Joyner Lucas Already Wants In

Logic is in the midst of building an empire. We wouldn’t be surprised to see his name steadily grow on the Forbes list in the coming years because he’s been on a nonstop hustle in so many

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Says He’s Payed Up His Child Support Dues In Full

As we all know by now, R. Kelly is facing some serious time in prison for the crimes he allegedly committed. There have been a number of sex tapes that were uncovered which showed the singer allegedly engaging in sexual

50 Cent Trolls Tony Yayo Over Swagger-Jacking A Fisherman’s Hat

Look, with the exception of a new song on Ed Sheeran’s upcoming Collabs No. 6, 50 Cent has largely opted to bow out of the music game. Of course, he’s occasionally teased a return, including nostalgia-spawning pictures with Scott

A 17-Year-Old Pianist Earns the Emilio and Gloria Estefan Scholarship By Latin Grammy

The Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation has given the Emilio and Gloria Estefan scholarship to student Sergio De Miguel Jorquera. "Berklee is honored to have the support of industry trailblazers Emilio and Gloria Estefan," said Berklee president Roger H. Brown.