Drake Honors Nipsey Hussle At London Concert: "Rest Easy My G"

Drake‘s currently overseas for the “Assassination Vacation” tour along with Baka Not Nice and Tory Lanez. Drake tours are in high demand and in international markets, the rapper typically has to book multiple shows in one city

Birdman To Get His Facial Tattoos Removed: "That Stereotypes You"

Bryan Christopher Williams A.K.A. Birdman turned 50 last month and the milestone age has inspired him to look into tattoo removal for the number of ink on his face. The “Money To Blow” rapper paid a visit

Drake Executes "God’s Plan," Turns London’s O2 Arena Into The O3

Drake has abilities not many other men do. At his demand, the mayor of Toronto changed the CN Tower gold to honor the rapper for his Grammy win for “God’s Plan.” Now, he’s getting shown a similar type of

London’s O2 Arena Honors Drake’s Residency by Temporarily Changing Venue’s Name

They turned the 02 into the 03. It's all a part of "God's Plan." Drake's chart-topping single not only earned him a bevy of accolades, including best rap song at this year's Grammy Awards, but also caused a

Drake Gets Emotional Over Nipsey Hussle’s Death: "We Were Gonna Do A New Song"

Last year was the biggest year in Nipsey Hussle‘s career. The 33-year-old rapper was nominated for a Grammy Award after releasing one of the best hip-hop albums of the entire year. Hussle was truly a self-made superstar,

Hip-Hop Pays Tribute To Nipsey Hussle After Fatal Shooting

Sunday afternoon (March 31st) Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed outside of his Los Angeles Marathon clothing store. The rapper was reportedly shot along with two other men, with Nip being the only one not to make it

LeBron James’ Bad Temper Prompted Lakers’ Front Office To Call "Players-Only Meeting"

Literally minutes ago, ESPN ran a well-researched exposé that dives into the reasons why the Laker’s failed to leverage LeBron James arrival this season. While many of the answers regarding that question are plain to see, Dave McMenamin was able to

Nav Eating Pretzels To Impress Drake & The Weeknd Is The Latest Meme

Nav has been described by some as hip-hop’s “most non-essential character” but for some reason, he keeps on piling up streams on his projects. When he retired from music last year, nobody really batted an eyelash about it,

Drake Invests "Grown Man Dollars" Into eSports Startup

Multiple sources are reporting Drake‘s foray into the realm of eSports. The Canadian rapper is teaming up with two of Silicon Valley’s leading “angel investors,”  Strauss Zelnick and Marissa Mayer, by investing $3 million of their hard-earned money on

Obama Asked Questlove To Play French Montana’s "Pop That" At The White House

Barack Obama may have some criticism towards masculinity in hip-hop but he’s never shied away from the genre itself. He’s arguably the one and only president to embrace rappers in the White House, hosting the likes of Jay-Z