Drake Proves He’s Putting In Studio Hours In Photos With Birdman & Chris Brown

A few weeks ago, Drake released a couple of tracks to celebrate the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA Championship. In a move that not many predicted at the beginning of the 2018-2019 basketball season, the North came

Cris Carter Claims Kawhi Leonard Is Delaying His Decision, Fans React

Over the past few days, the entire NBA has been watching Kawhi Leonard to see which team he decides to sign with for the upcoming season. As of right now, the Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers,

Kawhi Leonard Offered Role With Drake’s OVO Label Says Chris Broussard

Chris Broussard has been one of those members of the media that tends to get a lot of criticism for his takes and reporting. Just a couple of months ago, he got into a full-on Twitter war with

Mez Thinks If Artists Want To Make It To The Top, They Have To Be Vulnerable

He may be a rapper on the come-up, but Mez has already tapped himself to be a multi-hyphenate creative force. The emcee and songwriter flexed his music video directing skills when he took on a massive project:

Chris Brown & Drake Party At Miami Hotspot In Different VIP Sections

For years, Chris Brown and Drake were embroiled in a personal feud. They clearly did not like each other and considering they both have a history with Rihanna, it made sense. They made up before the end

Kawhi Leonard Arrives In Toronto As Free Agency Decision Looms: Video

Kawhi Leonard has returned to Toronto as the basketball world eagerly awaits his free agency decision. If you thought #NBATwitter was closely monitoring his every move before, things ramped up to another level on Wednesday as helicopters captured

Charles Barkley Sick Of Super Teams, But Won’t Knock Kawhi For Joining Lakers

Charles Barkley hates NBA superteams with a passion, but he’ll give Kawhi Leonard a pass if he chooses to join forces with LeBron James and Anthony Davis on the Los Angeles Lakers. According to Charles, Kawhi gets

Drake Is Helping The Raptors With Kawhi Leonard Pitch: Report

Throughout the entirety of the NBA playoffs, fans were graced with the courtside antics of one Aubrey Graham. Drake was everywhere when it came to the Raptors and sometimes, he got dangerously close to actually going onto

Kawhi Leonard Rumors: Lakers Think They’re The Favorite, Camp Avoiding Leaks

Kawhi Leonard is the biggest name left in free agency and fans are starting to get antsy as they await his decision. As of right now, it is believed that Kawhi is choosing between the Los Angeles

Drake Had Time To Clap Back At Hater Who Thinks He’s Soft

It’s pretty rare for Drake to jump in the comment sections of those trashing him or even just commenting on his business and music moves. Considering his success and stance in the industry it’s safe to say