Matt Barnes Launches College Scholarship Fund For Stephon Clark's Sons

Over the weekend, Matt Barnes’ led the protest rally for Stephon Clark. Clark was show by police eight times in the backyard his grandparent’s place after police confused a cell phone for a firearm. The rally on Saturday

Eminem Teases M&M's Collab On April Fools' Day

Looks like Eminem got bit by the April Fools’ bug as he hopped on the socials in a joking mood, promoting a long-awaited collaboration between himself and M&M’s candy. “Been looking forward to this collab for some

Tony Ferguson Withdraws From UFC 223, Max Holloway Named Replacement

Tony Ferguson will not be competing against Khabib Nurmagomedov for the lightweight title at UFC 223 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn this Saturday. Ferguson took to social media last night to reveal that he suffered a torn

Blac Chyna Swings Stroller During Altercation at Six Flags

Sunday, Blac Chyna was caught on camera losing her cool when she picked up a plastic stroller and attempted to use it as a weapon against someone during an altercation while at Six Flags. Earlier in the

Supreme & The North Face Go Metallic For Their Spring 2018 Collection

The North Face and Supreme had linked up yet again for a Spring collection that’s bound to get a few looks this season. Coming through with a Metallic collection for the warmer weather, the two brands share

Dragon Ball US And Canada Tour Announced By Toei Animation

Fans  Dragon Ball Super are still feeling the loss. The series concluded last month, with a truly epic ending, and now fans are yearning for any new Dragon Ball occurrences. Whether that be the fun and addicting Dragon

Joel Embiid Is Hitting On Rihanna Again

Joel Embiid put his loyal fans on short notice when he advised them to stop hassling Rihanna. She had been reticent if not completely defensive over his advances. You may recall, Joel Embiid picked Rihanna as his celebrity crush

Diddy Reacts To Stephon Clark Autopsy: "I'm So F***in Mad Right Now"

Diddy has shared some thoughts on the shooting Stephon Clark on Instagram Sunday morning. A private autopsy performed on behalf Clark’s family has revealed that the 22-year-old, who was killed by police in his grandmother’s backyard while

Lil Pump Teases “Esskeetit” Video

Lil Pump is riding high after signing his new lucrative deal with Warner Bros. The rapper claims the $8 Million figure associated with the deal is only tied to one record, and one record only. Maybe both

Mo'Nique Celebrates Under 200lbs Weight Loss Milestone

Mo’Nique has made a career out embracing her body weight, or at least helping others come to terms with their body issues, specifically women. Body issues are complicated, on one end it’s appropriate to parody yourself, or crack a