H.E.R. ‘Hard Place’

After her two Grammy wins and stellar Coachella performance, H.E.R. continues her incredible year with the video for “Hard Place.” The autobiographical clip documents the relationship between H.E.R. and her boyfriend Leo, two aspiring musicians. After a

"Game Of Thrones" Author George R.R. Martin Outlined "Incest Plans" For Arya Stark

 It has come to light that Game of Thrones’ original author George R.R. Martin outlined a very incestuous character arc for “Arya Stark.” As you likely know if you follow the series, the virginal “Arya” portrayed by Maisie

Meek Mill Reacts To Herpes Outbreack: "Did You Go To Coachella Lil Mama?"

As reported yesterday, Coachella 2019 was the scene for a pandemic outbreak of herpes in and around festival grounds. HerpesAlert, the leading diagnosis tool the Net has to offer, reported that 1,105 cases or prescriptions were filled since the

Spooky Mugshots Goes Viral, Prompting Internet Roast Session

We all remember the Jeremy Meeks story, considered to be a success story to some. Meeks’ attractive mugshot went viral across all social media platforms back in 2014. The blue-eyed felon and former member of the Crips spent

Kanye West’s Coachella Sunday Service "Holy Grass" Is Being Sold On eBay

People will just about anything for a dollar these days but one Coachella festival-goer got creative with the way he decided to profit off of Kanye West’s “Sunday Service” performance. “Holy Grass” from the artist’s one-off set

YG Releases "33 Crip Balloons" To Tribute Nipsey Hussle

YG has been one of a few artists that are ensuring Nipsey Hussle stays in people’s minds after his passing. Along with The Game, T.I. and others, YG has shared several tributes to his friend on social

Lockdown “Chained Up” Album

Philly is one of the hardest city to make out of as an artist. There is an endless pool of talent and hungry artist in the city trying to make their mark. One artist that has been

Coachella 2019: A Huge Spike In Herpes Reported On Festival Grounds

According to TMZ, the 2019 edition of Coachella has incited a nasty outbreak of herpes. Initially reported by HerpAlert, the internet’s number one resource in diagnosing the STD, the outbreak was caused by, you guessed it, a spike

Eminem Celebrates 11 Years of Sobriety!

This week marks 11 years for Eminem who has been sober following a pill addiction that could’ve cost him his life. The iconic rapper took to Twitter over the weekend, sharing a photo of his medallion with

New Music: YG ‘Stop Snitchin’

Ahead of his album release next month, YG drops the first single “Stop Snitchin.” The Compton rapper calls out the snitches on the West Coast banger, which he debuted during his set at Coachella. The track was